Soul of a Survivor [Vocals]

from by Luciano Giacomozzi



This is a special song to me. After I wrote the soundtrack, I wanted to write and share my own personal experience from the past with the world. I hope that people find this a great listen and can find some comfort in it's resounding triumph over the evil, inspiring action against the problem Pursuit of Truth and the Vertigo Charitable Foundation are fighting so hard to change.


We will love, we will love, in the future,
Although we cannot change the past...
We will love, we will love, in the future,
Although we cannot change the past...

We will love...

We wander this road of recollection,
Looking for why,
Answers seemingly vacant,
As we seek to find...

Innocence that blesses us, from birth
Shattered, shattered!
A vacuum, that starts to fill with resentment,
and hatred, and hatred!
From the light, dragged us down to the shadows...

A heart, a soul, torn,
A burden that grows,
A burden that grows,
From the void, the wound,
That was left barren,
A struggle to exist, to trust,
No trust, or love to extend...

But finally,
We can achieve justice,
In the pursuit...
Of truth...

And reclaim the power, (we will love in the future)
We lost, in our youth... (we will love)
And reclaim the power, (we will love)
And reclaim the power, (Although we cannot change the past)

We will love...

We will love.


from Pursuit of Truth: Revised Edition, released January 20, 2014
Composed, written and produced by Luciano Giacomozzi
Vocals by Tom Stoffel
Recorded at Divine Deed Studio 1


all rights reserved



Luciano Giacomozzi Surrey, UK

Living in an unremarkable flat in the outskirts of London, a man works tirelessly in a state of cluttered inspiration. Digging into the enlightening sound of his South Asian roots and the impassioned flare of his Mediterranean heritage, Luciano Giacomozzi is the archetype of a musical storyteller. He finds the smallest of muses and evolves them into unforgettable tales.

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